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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to land on October 17th

Microsoft would release Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17th, according to a news leak on the product page of the new PCs that Lenovo is showcasing at a conference in Berlin.

Although Microsoft has not provided the exact release date for the next Windows 10’s major update, the information points to a certain delay in the launch of the final version, which has been tested for a few months on the Insiders program, being expected to arrive on September.

It is said that Microsoft needs more time to polish the mixed reality technologies that must provide the control software for the devices under the Windows Mixed Reality platform, which are devices shown in good numbers at the IFA 2017.

A relevant feature, also related to the information above, on the new Windows is going to be the Fluent Design System. So far known as Project NEON, it is the system with which Microsoft seeks to facilitate and improve the integration of new control systems’ applications and tools beyond the keyboard and the mouse while including voice recognition systems and mixed reality.

This will be one of the new features, but not the only one. Another important feature will be the improvement on the update process in Windows 10 (Windows 10 Free Download) aiming to reduce the time needed to complete an update, which sometimes leaves customers unable to use their PC for a long time.

Another feature will be to improve the interaction and connection among different devices to provide the best user experience possible. Additionally, increasing the number and quality of Windows Store applications is another one of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update’s goals.

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