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WhatsApp already allows you to erase shared images when you close a chat.

There are several annoying things in WhatsApp: one of these is group conversations and the other of many is the multimedia archives. Simply, because there are those dedicated to making SPAM with dozens of memes and useless images which do nothing more than fill the memory of the device. There are ways of dealing with the multimedia archives such as photos and videos, to make a selective download, but what WhatsApp just introduced is probably even better than this.

The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android has meant the introduction of the MMS protocol. Already available in iOS and now arriving to Android, so that soon we will be able to send and receive photos without compression, and without exchanging them in ‘file’ format, but on a regular basis like the rest of images and photos. But in addition to this, in this beta of WhatsApp we can find a new dialogue box that opens when closing the conversation – both group and individual – and which offers us the possibility of erasing all of the shared images with this contact from the memory of our mobile device.

Goodbye chats, goodbye images: this is how WhatsApp saves the memory of your phone now

In WhatsApp, in the screen where we have available all of our conversations, making a long press on any of them weekend erase the chat. This follows exactly equal as before but just when you click on the specific icon to eliminate the conversation is when this new dialogue box is executed with the option ‘Eliminate multi media archives from my phone.’ If you hold it, and then accept the option of ‘Eliminate,’ then the photos, images and the videos will disappear from the memory of your device.

Therefore, the only thing that has changed in the application is that now we can clean the internal memory every time we delete am individual or group chat. And this is especially useful in the multi -user chats, to remove all of those memes, or in the conversations with users who are accustomed to sending images of whatever type. Of course, be careful with the option because it eliminates everything, we are not permitted to make selections of any type to maintain what interests us.

Via: Whatsapp

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