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Gigabyte updates its Aero 14 with an X-Rite Pantone certified display, Thunderbolt 3 and two M.2 NVMe

Gigabyte has announced a new update for its Aero 14 laptop, adding some features that were already present in its big brother, the Aero 15.

We are talking about improvements like the calibrated display certified by X-Rite Pantone, which is a company specialized in screen calibration in order to get the best and most realistic color reproduction.

We can also find an additional M.2 slot with NVMe support to provide a greater high-performance storage capacity for this new K-model Aero 14, although in Spain it only includes a single 256 GB SSD. Something that is definitely not missing is its USB Type-C port with high-speed Thunderbolt 3.0 support to connect external devices or even external graphics cards.

Aero 14

Unfortunately, some graphics power has been lost during the upgrade, as we previously had an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card in the Aero 14, but now the Aero 14 K lowers its specifications to a GTX 1050 Ti.

The rest of the features remain the same, with a Core i7-7700HQ processor and a 94 Wh battery.

It is 1.9 cm thick at its thickest point and weighs 1.89 kg, all of which is accompanied by a QHD IPS display with the aforementioned X-Rite certification. It will be available in the same colors as its predecessor, printed using nano-imprint lithography technology.

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