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7 middle mouse button tricks to use when browsing the web

The mouse allows us to interact with and manage our PC, therefore it is one of the devices or peripherals that is rarely missing on any PC. It usually happens the same in the case of laptops even if they have their own touchpad, as most users prefer to connect a mouse for convenience. The left mouse button is the most used button, however the right button helps us displaying menu options. The wheel or middle button also has its own functions besides allowing us to scroll up and down a document or web page. However, there are other functions or hidden tricks performed by the middle mouse button that will help us a lot while browsing the web.

One of the most repeated tasks when browsing the web certainly is opening new tabs. A few minutes into browsing the web and we are likely to find even dozens of open tabs in the browser. This is why we are going to show you 7 tricks or functions that can be done with the middle button or the mouse wheel that perhaps you know nothing about and that you can use to open a new tab, certain sites, links, bookmarks, etc. whether you browse the web in Google Chrome or in Mozilla Firefox.

Tricks to browse the web faster with the middle mouse button

When we browse the web and want to go back to the previously visited site, we just need to click on the back button provided by the browser. However, if we also want to open the previously visited site in a new tab, then we can do it quickly by clicking on the browser’s back button with the middle button or mouse wheel.


It is very common to jump from one site to another using the links provided by the websites while browsing, but if we want to open a link in a new tab, we can do it quickly by clicking on the link with the middle mouse button. It is also very helpful to be able to open the same updated webpage in a new tab with a single click, which is something that we can do just by clicking on browser’s refresh button with the middle mouse button.

Guide: How to choosing your new monitor

new monitor

Upgrading a PC is very complicated, and choosing a new monitor is not as easy as it seems. Making a good choice can be really complicated, especially if we want a monitor for specific purposes or if we are looking for certain specific game-oriented characteristics.

Not everything is about the display size and resolution, as a good monitor means much more than just that, therefore we wanted to make this guide where we will give you a series of basic tips so you can choose your new monitor without hesitation.

We will avoid unnecessary complications, as the most useful guides are definitely those that are the simplest and most concise, which does not mean that we will end up with an overly simple guide.