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AOC launches the new Agon AG251FG, with 240Hz and G-Sync compatibility

On August 22, Gamescom 2017 will be officially underway, emanating from Köln, Germany, where we’ll see a lot of new software and hardware presentations. Manufacturer AOC has already announced that they will present their new Agon AG251FG monitor, which presumably works at a 240 Hz display update frequency and uses NVIDIA G-Sync technology, among other attributes.

AOC Agon AG251FG

The AOC Agon AG251FG has a 24.5 inch (62.2 cm diagonally) LED-TN panel, in a 16:9 aspect ratio with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels), that stands out because of its 240 Hz max display update frequency, run by an NVIDIA graphics card G-Sync module. As a gaming-oriented monitor with TN matrix, it only has a 1 ms response time, which makes it ideal for pro-gamers that need maximum performance and speed.

You are already familiar with G-Sync technology, which suppresses almost completely tearing and stuttering effects thanks to the screen allowing its graphics card selecting its update frequency dynamically, adjusting to the FPS it can run at any given moment. In this case, the monitor supports up to 240 Hz. Besides, it utilizes NVIDIA ULMB technology, that reduces rapid motion blur, eliminating blinking, so you can enjoy sharp visuals, even in scenes with high-speed movement.

AOC Agon AG251FG

The AOC AG251FG monitor, as well as all the Agon line, has an AOC Ergo Dial support that allows height, tilt and rotation adjusting, to fit the user’s position. It also has a comfortable hook on the side of the screen to hang your headphones on. Finally, it works with Flicker Free technology that reduces visual exhaustion after many hours of gaming.

Up next, you can see the monitor’s most important specs, including its 599 dollars price tag, which is pretty high considering its characteristics. It will be presented in Gamescom 2017, but its unknown when it will be made available in stores.

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